On Slavery

As part of the background to the novel, I’m researching slavery in the U.S.

Here is a document from the Southern PCA reporting on the necessity of slavery. It’s taken from a PDF that I reformatted and attempted to organize with headings – any headings (formatted with the Heading 1 or Heading 2 style) are added by me and are not part of the original text.




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4 responses to “On Slavery

  1. Note that I am posting this document as insight
    1) People do a lot of thing to justify what they do as “right.”
    2) I have to look at my own life and actions and examine them to see what I’m justifying as right & encoding it in words of morality and scripture.

  2. Darth Thulhu

    I particularly adore the desperate conflation of abolitionism with socialism and anarchism. “The Scriptures are far less supportive of the acquisition of great possessions than they are on the possession of slaves.”

    Well … yeah.

    What they attempt to use as a bogeyman to make pro-slavery seem reasonable is, in fact, impeccable moral logic. Jesus was all about renouncing unjust wealth and sacrificing ties that distracted one from holy truth. Yes, noble titles and vast predatory wealth are, in fact, even less supported by Scripture than slavery.

    As to their point that Scripture never, ever decried the injustice of the slaveholder, they seem to have an interesting interpretation of Exodus, which goes on and on and on about the manifold ill-treatments of the captive Jews. Maybe that’s insufficiently universal for them, but God clearly took the side of the oppressed in that story, to the Egyptians’ vast sorrow.

  3. That was my take, too. I remember Charleton Heston: “Let my people go!”

    I know they didn’t have the movie, but they had the book the movie was based upon.

  4. Thanks for this information. I have saved it to read. I am also researching on this subject, as I have been writing off and on about a lady I met who was born into slavery.

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